1. irenecomics:

    Irene 5 is almost here. Irene 5 is almost yours. You can pre-order it here.

    Irene 5 is a human/beast hybrid of a book. The comics and art anthology contains 160 pages featuring 15 artists from the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Lebanon, and Australia.

    Contributors to this issue include: Pat Barrett, Jon Chad, Mark Connery, d.w., Fdz, Luke Healy, Dakota McFadzean, Dave Ortega, D. Rinylo, Emanuel (Manny) Schongut, Bailey Sharp, R. Sikoryak, James The Stanton, Andy Warner, and Lindsay Watson. 

    This book contains horns and teeth, mountains and space, dirt and so much more. It will debut at APE on October 4, 2014. 

    Irene is edited by Andy Warner, dw, and Dakota McFadzean. It’s a rainbow of color, a dream of beauty, a wild bust of lafter ‘an regular hot stuff.

    I have a 20 page story in this book!


  2. Hi guys! 

    The anthology that I co-edit, Dog City, just announced it’s third issue. You can pre-order it now. Along with some stellar creators, I have a minicomic in there myself. It’s 16 pages, and I’m really proud of it. It explores a new way of storytelling for me that I think people will really enjoy.

    You’re getting like 10 minicomics for $20, not even counting the posters, prints and the sweet box it all comes in. It’s a fucking great deal. Get ‘yer paws on it!


    -Available to pre-order now-

    You knew it was coming, but now we’re finally able to announce officially that Dog City issue #3 is on the horizon!

    Even more exciting is that issue #3 will be available in just about 3 weeks! We’re launching this issue at a live event on September 5th, and we’ll be releasing more details about that soon. We are very excited about this, and we hope you are too.

    And you should be excited, because Dog City 3 will feature new comics by:

    Sophie Goldstein,

    Caitlin Rose Boyle,

    Luke Healy,

    Simon Reinhardt,

    Juan Fernandez,

    Amelia Onorato,

    Allison Banister and Tom O’Brien with a collaborative mini,

    Iris Yan,

    D. Rinylo,

    (and MORE!)

    Issue #3 will also feature prints and posters by Laurel Lynne Leake and Steven Krall.

    Perhaps most excitingly, issue #3 will be reprinting a selection of strips from the now-forgotten newspaper series Who’s Zoo, which has been restored and compiled by Reilly Hadden!

    All of this will, of course, come packaged in a screen-printed cardboard box!

    The best news of all is that you can pre-order your copy of Dog City issue #3 right now. We highly recommend pre-ordering a copy as our issues are all hand-made and produced in VERY LIMITED quantities. Once this thing sells out, we will not be making any more.

    Be sure to follow us here, or check back over the coming weeks, for posts spotlighting issue #3’s creators, and previews of the comics you’ll find inside of issue #3!

    Woof woof!

    -The Dog City Team


  3. Hey guys, 

    I’m gonna be at the Dublin Zine Fair tomorrow and Sunday. I’m bringing printed copies of the following books:

    Of the Monstrous Pictures of Whales



    and a few sneaky bootlegs of the Dog City 3 comic “Starlight…” which doesn’t come out in the USA for a few more weeks, but since Dog City can’t ship international, my co-editors and I decided I could break the seal for this weekend!

    I had to make quick new covers for all the books, since I don’t have access to screen printing supplies right now. It was fun to move away from the screen printing mentality a bit, and design stuff with gradients and teeny tiny text.

    Anyway, come by and say hey if you live in Dublin, and if any other Irish cartoonists who are exhibiting at the fair happen to be reading this, come past my table, and I’ll be happy to trade a comic with you. I’m bringing a few bonus prints of Starlight just for that purpose!


  4. Here is a 4 page preview of my newest mincomic Starlight Teen Unofficial Fan Magazine #23. It’s being published as a part of Dog City #3, which is coming out in early September. 

    It’s kind of a departure for me in a bunch of ways. Mostly, my comics are dialogue based, so doing something with a narrator was a fun challenge. It also gets weird. I also did some grey washes, which was fun, because I haven’t done so before. Note that the copies of the comic in Dog City #3 will be published in black & white. I just threw some colour on here because it’s the internet, and why not.

    So you will be able to buy  a copy soon. I’ll post here when pre-orders become available, and it will go online some time after that.


  5. So, a journalist from examiner.com interviewed me about my comics work. If you’re interested in reading about why I make comics/ a little more about me, you can check it out!