1. The Comedians 1/16

    Trying to do a minicomic with as little planning as possible to loosen me up. No writing pages ahead of time. No more than 90 minutes each on pencilling, inking and colouring/digital.


  2. Hey guys. Some people have been asking where they can buy my minicomics, so I set up an online store

    I won a MoCCA award this weekend, so I guess people want to buy my books?! I’ll make a real post about that later!


  3. Hey guys. I’ll be a MoCCA fest in NYC this weekend. 

    Personally, I’ll have copies of my comics Bob, LCD and Of the Monstrous Pictures of Whales.

    I’ll also be sharing a table with my buds Eleri Mai Harris, Simon Reinhardt and Amelia Onorato.

    If you’re in the area, you should stop by. 

    P.S. I might be into doing some trades? Sure why not. If you make comics, swing by and talk to me.


  4. A few months ago, I posted the rough pencils for a section in the book I’m working on. 

    I thought people might be interested in what they look like finished.

    I’m at a very exciting stage in drawing this book right now, and I thought I could share a little bit of that excitement with you guys!


  5. Here are some mini comics. I just finished getting them ready for MoCCA Fest at the start of April in New York. I will make an online store one day soon too.